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Can I be a leader too?

If you have an idea or a cause but you don’t know how to get started, join me in this webinar

How to stand out as an intern:

You are so new to your field that you have to build a reputation for yourself, you have to earn your company’s trust and you have to prove that you can be a valuable and essential asset.

Effective Communication- beyond the interview:

Being an effective communicator is a learnable skill that can be polished through the right amount of practice and guidance.

Writing- How to sell yourself on paper:

In order to be accepted into any program or to get hired for any job, the first step is always a screening of written materials.

Critical thinking- what does that even mean?:

Critical thinking is always listed under the must-have qualifications for internship or job postings, but what does that even mean?

Universities in the United States- what they are all about:

The belief that only a few can attend an American University is right, but it is not who you think- being rich or book-smart is no longer a requirement.

Networking that matters:

The minute I became a high school student, every conversation regarding my career has turned into a presentation on the importance of having a well-rounded network.